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Introducing ARTS FUNGUS FREE. The ultimate biological leaf strengthening agent that helps prevent and contain common fungal diseases such as Botrytis, Mildew, and Rust. This powerful spraying agent blends cleverly with herbs, seaweed, fulvic acid, silicon, microbes, fungi, and other beneficial ingredients. Together, they boost plant resistance against fungal diseases.

With regular use of FUNGUS FREE, you can prevent these fungal diseases and ensure optimal growth for your plants. This formula is safe to use on a variety of plants including cut flowers, pot plants, veg, and fruit.

One of the key benefits of ARTS FUNGUS FREE is its natural and biological approach to strengthening plant leaves. This ensures that your plants are healthier, stronger, and better equipped to fight off common fungal diseases. Its unique formula contains fulvic acid, which helps to increase nutrient uptake and enhance plant growth.

What’s more, this product is designed with the environment in mind. ARTS FUNGUS FREE is free from harmful chemicals, making it safe for your plants, your pets, and the environment.

In summary, FUNGUS FREE is a powerful, natural, and sustainable solution for stopping and killing fungal diseases in your plants. Its unique blend of herbs, seaweed, fulvic acid, silicon, ensures effective and safe plant care. It also includes microbes and fungi for optimal growth. If you want healthy, fungus free plants, ARTS FUNGUS FREE is the perfect choice to keep them in optimal condition.

Directions of use:

As a Curative: Mix 50ml per 1L of warm water. Shake this mixture well, and then use as a mist over the plants, ensuring the plants are covered but the spray liquid does not just drip from the leaves.

As a Preventive: Mix 25ml per 1L warm water, mix well and spray over plants. Repeat this every 5 weeks.


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