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Optic Foliar OverGrow



Optic Foliar OverGrow

Introducing Optic Foliar OverGrow, the ultimate foliar feed plant booster that combines performance and growth with overall plant health. Unlike any other product in the market, OverGrow is a dynamic, multi purpose, ready to use spray that can be used in full sunlight with no risk of burning or the need to spray the undersides of leaves.

OverGrow is a potent mix of Watts, Rev, and Attack, plus Transport in a handy spray bottle. It corrects deficiencies and provides increased performance to your plants, making it the perfect solution for hydroponics enthusiasts.

This incredible product provides a full spectrum of NPK, micro nutrients, as well as vitamins, sugars, amino acids, and B1, resulting in significant growth and yield increases. OverGrow improves plant health by boosting light and nutrient intake, feeding plants, and preventing mold and bugs.

Not only is OverGrow effective, but it’s also incredibly easy to use. Simply spray the tops of the leaves, and watch your plants thrive.

OverGrow’s all in one spray ensures no leaf burn or residuals, making it the best plant solution.

Optic Foliar OverGrow stands out among other foliar sprays because hydroponic growers can use it with the lights on, making it a convenient and efficient solution. It’s essential to note that no other foliar spray on the market offers this feature.


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