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Introducing ARTS VELGRO, the ultimate solution to your Thrip problems. This powerful formula contains organic fatty acids and Ryania extract, which work together to combat Thrips at their early stage of development.

Thanks to its unique composition, A.R.T.S. VELGRO targets the stomach of thrips, making it particularly effective against their eggs and larvae. Within hours, the thrips become sterile, stopping them from laying eggs and causing further damage to your plants.

ARTS VELGRO also has an smelly odour and flavour to thrips, which helps deter them from infesting your plants in the first place. This means you can protect your precious crops and maintain their quality without compromising on taste or scent.

With A.R.T.S. VELGRO, you can say goodbye to the pain of thrips and hello to healthy, happy plants. Don’t let these tiny pests wreak havoc in your grow rooms any longer. Try ARTS VELGRO today and experience the difference for yourself!

Suitable for use on veg and flowers and horticulture plants. ARTS VELGRO will not leave any odour or flavour on the plants. The additive eugenol forms holes in the cobwebs, which eventually dissolve. You may harvest your crops immediately after using this agent.


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