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Bio Bav Problem Solver



Bio Bav Problem Solver

Introducing Bio Bav Problem Solver – the ultimate solution for growers seeking to enhance their plant growth and condition their medium. Our product contains a blend of organic minerals, beneficial bacteria, and trace elements that work together to make your plants strong and healthy again.

As a superior plant upgrader and medium conditioner, BioBav is capable of restoring weak and yellow plants to their former glory. It even softens hard soil, making it easier for your plants to grow and thrive. Say goodbye to stunted growth and Deficiencies – with Bio Bav Problem Solver, your plants will flourish.

For regular maintenance, simply mix 2.5ml of BioBav per litre of water and feed your plants once a week. This will help keep your plants healthy and ensure they receive the right nutrients they need to grow.

Bio Bav Problem Solver can also solve problems related to Deficiencies or old soil if you notice any signs Mix 5ml of BioBav per litre of water and feed your plant once per week until it has fully recovered. Watch as your plant springs back to life and regains its vibrant green color.

In Addition

To its regular and problem solving capabilities, Bio Bav Problem Solver also works as a leef spray. Mix 2.5ml of BioBav per litre of water and spray the leaves when it’s night time or when the plant is not directly in contact with the sun. This will help your plants absorb the feed they need to stay healthy and strong.

We commit to providing our customers with the highest quality products at our online hydro shop to help them achieve their growing goals. Try Bio Bav Problem Solver today and see the difference it can make in your grow rooms.

How It Acts On The Soil:

  • The beneficial bacteria promotes more root growth and a stronger root system.
  • The water absorption capacity of the soil is improved, the soil can be used better.
  • The physical structure of the soil is reorganised and upgraded thanks to the many organic minerals. Plants develop better and the yield is greater.
  • The micro and macro elements in the soil and roots benefit from a non complex form of enzymes.
  • Regulates the pH value and geothermic heat.

How It Acts On The Plant:

  • The organic macro and micro minerals heavily nourish the plant, invigorating it and restoring its health
  • The micro organisms increase the useful nutrient content and improves its uptake by the plant.
  • The key ingredients dissolve and turn into Potassium salt, making the plant ready for growth.
  • Enhances flavour and taste.
  • Extends the life of the plant.

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