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Airfan Thermo Foam Boxfans



Airfan Thermo Foam Boxfans

Introducing the Airfan Thermo Foam Boxfans, available in 4 motor sizes (1500 to 4250), ensuring powerful performance. This light weight marvel boasts memory effect shock absorption, ideal for keeping a perfect growing environment.

In addition to its powerful performance, our Thermo Foam Boxfans excel at thermal insulation and vibration isolation. These fans can withstand extreme temperatures, ranging from -40 to 110°C, ensuring reliability in any grow room setting.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident with their recyclable design. These fans are also waterproof, guarding against moisture related issues. Furthermore, they are highly resistant to fire and chemicals, adding an extra layer of security to your air flow system.

Revolutionize your grow room setup with the Thermo Foam Boxfans, the ultimate choice for efficiency, durability, and environmental responsibility.

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1500m3, 2500m3, 3250m3, 4250m3


6", 8", 10", 12"

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