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Noka Tech 600w Grow kit


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Noka Tech 600w Grow kit

Excellent performance Noka Tech 600w Grow kit for everyone who seeks high yields. noka tech hps lighting kits are premium quality the top choice for growers. This high performance 600W HPS grow kit that consists of:

  • DIGITAL 600 Dimmable Ballast
  • SUPER HPS 600W Grow Lamp
  • SimpleX Open-Ended, Smoothly Polished Reflector

DIGITAL 600 Ballast

DIGITAL 600 is a high quality electronic grow light ballast with a dimming function (knob levels: 250W, 400W, 600W, and Super Lumen 680W) and soft start technology (it takes approx 1min to reach maximum power). Ballast is compatible with 600W High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) lamps. This is a premium product, very durable, and made of high quality anodized aluminum.

  • More lumen output. Up to 25% more lumen output than some old style magnetic ballasts. The Super lumen dimming level increases the power to 680W.
  • Soft start technology. It takes approx 1 min to reach maximum power.
  • Less Heat & Noise. DIGITAL 600 has no fans, and no moving parts (passive cooling). It transmits heat effectively through a specially designed heat sink. Runs 15% cooler than most of the other digital ballasts on the market.
  • Consistent light output. DIGITAL 600 grow light ballast outputs a more consistent electrical current to the bulb, therefore resulting in a longer lifetime of the bulb that operates at a higher level with minimal to no flickering.

SUPER HPS 600W Grow Lamp

Professional high pressure sodium (HPS) 600W grow lamp from NŌKATECH is specifically designed for 600W grow light ballasts. These lamps are the top choice for professionals who require optimal HPS light output.

SimpleX Grow Light Reflector

This highly polished reflector gives even light dispersion so plants will have fewer hot spots, and the solid Ceramic lamp fitting offers excellent heat resistance.

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