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Omega Dual Spectrum Lamps



Dual Spectrum Lamps designed with the grower in mind

Omega Lighting has designed and manufactured Omega Dual Spectrum Lamps with the grower specifically in mind. Omega Lighting’s advanced lamp technology includes two ceramic tubes, optimized for higher light output, resulting in increased energy and longer performance. This design ensures more usable light energy and longer lasting performance.

  • All Omega Lighting Lamps carry CE Mark and a minimum of one year’s guarantee.
  • Tweaked PAR range to achieve the perfect balance of red and blue light spectrums.
  • Added UV for ripening and hardening of plants.
  • Ideal for use during growth and flower.
  • Available in 600w.
  • Air purification chamber filters which improve the PAR output.
  • Specifically designed to suit each unique stage of a plant’s growth.

Presenting The Latest In Lighting Technology

By combining the latest light technology with our own experience, Omega Lighting Dual Spectrum Lamps are specifically designed to suit each unique stage of a plant’s growth. Omega Lighting’s technical design includes two ceramic tubes to optimize light output, resulting in longer lasting, consistent lumen performance. The dynamics of the tube allows for heat reduction without impacting upon the lifespan of the lamp. This results in a lower grow temperature.

Ideal For Growth And Flowering Stage

The Omega Dual Spectrum Lamps provide the perfect balance of red and blue spectrums by modifying the PAR range. These lamps are ideal for guiding plants through growth and flower. Tweaking the PAR range suitable for plants from start to finish achieves broader hitting spectrums. Ideal for plants through both the growth and flower stage. Added UV for ripening and hardening.

Precision Engineered Lamps

Omega Lighting’s lamps provide an optically superior product. The beam patterns are smoother with striations and hot spots are significantly reduced. They are not only energy efficient but also tuned and optimized for creating a higher PAR output. Omega Lighting’s advanced super lumen technology produces additional wattage from the lamp. All Omega Lighting Lamps carry a CE Mark and a minimum of 12 month’s guarantee.

Quality grow lamps are vital in providing plants with the correct spectrum of light to maximise their yield. Omega Lighting has proven itself to outshine competitors and achieve rigorous growth while giving an unrivalled yield.

How To Use Omega Dual Spectrum Lamps

As with all HID lamps, users should handle with care. Therefore, before handling lamps should be switched off and left to cool down. Avoid touching the lamp and spraying liquids around hot lamps.

Indoor growers should use Omega Dual Spectrum Lamps with a Omega Ballast and Omega Reflector. Therefore, when fitting the lamp do not to touch the glass with your hands, as marks on the glass can cause damage to the light. We recommend holding the lamp with a clean cloth. 

When powering the Lighting Kit, make sure to use only the same wattage ballast as the lamp.


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