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Canna Mono Phosphorus



Canna Mono Phosphorus

Introducing Canna Mono Phosphorus, the ideal hydro product to enhance bloom and stimulate plant metabolism. This liquid form plant food offers direct absorption, making it highly effective.

Perfect for fixing Phosphorus deficiency or boosting bloom, Canna Phosphorus is an vital element crucial for the plant’s energy system. With its 20% P2O5 content, this mineral plant food ensures optimum plant nutrition.

Phosphorus, a key player in the plant’s energy balance, plays a pivotal role in promoting bloom phase. By using this liquid Phosphorus, your plants can swiftly absorb the vital nutrients they need.

Application is simple. Use Canna Mono Phosphorus as a Phosphorus feed for fixing deficiencies or as a remedy to enhance bloom. Dilute 10-20 ml of the concentrate in 10 liters of water for optimal results.

However, it is important to exercise caution. A well balanced plant food should contain all vital elements in the correct amounts. Overdosing on Phosphorus may lead to deficiencies in Potassium, Calcium, and other Trace elements, harming your plants. Thus, carefully determine the dosage to avoid any adverse effects.

Elevate your hydro garden with Canna Mono Phosphorus and witness the  power of this exceptional plant food. Empower your plants to thrive with the vital nutrients they need for a big harvest.

Symptoms Of A Deficiency

Plants remains rather small with purple – black necrotic leaf parts, which later on become malformed and shrivelled.

Development Of A Deficiency

  • Initially, the plant turns dark green – exhibiting a distinct shade (blue – green) that arises from Potassium deficiency.
  • The plant’s height growth and side shoot development experience inhibition.
  • After 2 to 3 weeks, dark purple – black necrotic spots appear on the old and medium old leaves, making the leaves malformed.
  • The purple – black necroses expand to the leaf’s stem. The leaf turns, curls and dies off.
  • The dead leaves curl and shrivel, displaying a typical ochre purple hue, before falling off.
  • The plant flowers fully, but the yield will be minimal.


Reasons For A Deficiency

Plant cells easily absorb Phosphorus through the root due to their strong affinity for it, given the low concentrations in which Phosphate naturally occurs.

  • The growing medium has a pH that’s too high (higher than pH 7). In such cases the plant cannot absorb Phosphorus due to the fact that insoluble Phosphorous compounds develop.
  • The ground is too acidic, or too rich in iron and zinc. This hinders the absorption of Phosphate.
  • The soil has become fixated. The absorption of Phosphate is no longer possible.

Solutions To A Deficiency

Always use inorganic Phosphates as these are easy to absorb. Also always mix the Phosphate  THOROUGHLY through the soil.

When pH is too high, acidify the medium by using a thinned solution of Phosphoric acid.
Choose products that have a good Phosphate percentage instead of alternative Phosphate containing products like guano or manure.



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