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SMS Twin Fan MK2 Controller



SMS Twin Fan MK2 Controller

Introducing the SMS Twin Fan MK2 Controller, the perfect solution to all your grow room ventilation needs! Available in two different amps, choose between the 4.5amp and 7amp Controller to suit your size extractors.

The SMS Twin Fan MK2 stands apart from its mechanical counterparts because it is software controlled using MOTION FLOW, unlike other Controllers. This innovative feature enables the Controller to react differently and more effectively, providing a much more efficient and reliable system.

The Twin Controller gradually increases or decreases your fans’ speed, providing optimal performance throughout the entire cycle, through its design. The program automatically determines the appropriate fan speed level to maintain the desired temperature level without fluctuations

Thanks to this advanced technology, you no longer have to deal with temperature issues and annoying fan noise. The SMS Twin Fan MK2 Controller operates smoothly and quietly, giving a stress free environment for your plants to grow and thrive.


1. Connect both fans to the sockets on the front of the Twin Controller (Small=IN/Big=OUT) 2. Set the MINIMUM fan speed (e.g. 30%) using dial knob1
3. Set the temperature (e.g. 25°C) using dial knob2
4. Set the MAXIMUM fan speed (e.g. 95%) using dial knob3

5. Place the Temperature Sensor in the middle of the room making sure it is not placed directly in the air flow.

6. Plug the Switchbox into the mains socket and turn on*

Of course you also can use only 1 fan if desired using ‘FAN AIR OUT’ socket only.
The Twin Controller will automatically find the right speed for the fan to maintain the desired temperature.

*When the Twin Controller is first turned on, it will scan the room for 5 minutes to find the correct speed for the fans.

During this time, the fans will start running faster and slower as the Twin Controller calibrates. After this scanning process the Twin Controller will always know the correct running speed for your fans and will adjust them accordingly.

Attention: Set a suitable minimum speed for your fans! (If set too low, the fans may make some noise, risk of damaging them and the air will not be refreshed adequately.)

The spare fuse comes with the SMS Twin Controller. You can find this spare fuse in the same compartment
as the main fuse.

You only have to exchange the spare fuse with the main fuse. You can find the fuse compartment in the mains entry connector, positioned just above the actual connector that receives the power cord.  For removing this compartment you will have to remove the power cord first.

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4.5amps, 7amps


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