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Ecotechnics CO2 GAS Regulator



Ecotechnics CO2 GAS Regulator

Introducing the Ecotechnics CO2 GAS Regulator – the ultimate solution for all your growing needs. We designed our top of the line Bottled Gas Regulator to work seamlessly with the Evolution CO2 Controller.

UK made regulator with fixed 17 LPM flow rate, perfect for indoor growing, crafted from premium components.

Reliable and easy to use CO2 Regulator for growers – perfect for beginners and experts.

This CO2 Regulator is fully compatible with Unis CO2 Controller and Evolution CO2 Controller, giving you the flexibility to choose the controller that suits your needs. Rest assured that your investment is protected with a full 1-year warranty, giving you peace of mind.

You can connect the Evolution CO2 Regulator to your CO2 bottle and wire it into your controller for a seamless and hassle free operation. Carbon Dioxide is a critical factor in indoor growing, and with the ambient level of CO2 in air ranging between 300-400ppm, it’s important to ensure that your plants receive the right amount of CO2 for optimal growth.

Fast-growing plants in your grow room can quickly use up all the available CO2, slowing down the process of photosynthesis. Our CO2 regulator is essential for indoor grow rooms, providing plants with optimal CO2 levels continuously.

So, invest in the Ecotechnics CO2 GAS Regulator today and take your grow rooms to the next level!

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