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SMS Smart Controller 6.5amp



 SMS Smart Controller 6.5amp

Introducing the SMS Smart Controller 6.5amp, your ultimate solution for keeping a controlled and optimal environment in your grow rooms. With its smart features and cutting edge technology, this Controller ensures a constant temperature while completely Controlling airflow.

By simply setting your desired temperature level, the Smart Controller takes charge of creating the perfect climate automatically. Useig our Motion Flow system, it operates in a unique way, setting it apart from traditional Controllers.

The Smart Controller scans your room for 5-10 minutes to determine the optimal fan speed when setting up. Once this scan is complete, the Controller determines the fan speed required to maintain the desired temperature. From that point onward, it automatically adjusts the fan’s speed to uphold the set temperature.

With an impressive 60 speed settings, the Smart Controller offers exceptionally smooth fan speed control. This not only ensures exact temperature but also reduces fan noise and extends the fans life.

Thanks to its user friendly plug and play design, you can set up the Smart Controller without any complex wiring. To set up your fan, connect it to the Controller and plug the Controller into an outlet. Then, place the Temperature Sensor in the center of your room. Adjusting the minimum fan speed and desired temperature is also a breeze.

To enhance your experience, we recommend using the included temperature probe. However, even without the probe, the Smart Controller can function as a basic manual fan Controller.

Remember, when setting the minimum fan speed, it’s best to choose the lowest setting. This provides your fan with a wider operating range, allowing it to adjust its speed accordingly. Should you require adjustments for different fan types, you can fine tune the lowest speed accordingly.

Room Scan

During the room scan, the Smart Controller runs at 100% with its lowest fan speed for a few seconds. This process may take up to 5-10 minutes, so please be patient. Once the scan is complete, the Controller will automatically maintain the correct fan speed.

To ensure exact readings, avoid placing the Temperature Sensor directly in the airflow of the fan or lights. Please ensure that fans connected do not exceed the 5A – 1000W power limit to avoid potential device damage.

Upgrade your grow room with the SMS Smart Controller for precise temperature control and efficient airflow management. Experience great benefits. Maximize your yields and create the perfect environment for your plants with this state of the art Controller.


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