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Mission Controllers



Mission Controllers

Introducing our top of the line Mission Controllers, designed to take your grow rooms to the next level. Our Controllers feature cutting edge technology for advanced fan speed control, ensuring a healthy environment for your plants to thrive

With our NO-HUMM™

Technology, with it, you can enjoy silent fan operation without any humming or buzzing. Say goodbye to interference that causes fan motors to hum or buzz, even at lower speeds.

Experience highly accurate, ultra smooth, and ultra silent fan speed control with our sophisticated Perfect-Sine™ technology. Furthermore, it delivers a pure Waveform Frequency Controller that reduces wear on motors and extends fan life. Plus, power usage drops with fan speed, ensuring high energy efficiency.

Our Night-Pulse™

Humidity Control provides gentle air changes at night, keeping the air fresh and growing environment healthy. The user activated system activates a short, gentle pulse of airflow at strategic points during the dark cycle, clearing stale air, Airborne Contaminants, and excess humidity to reduce the risk of disease.

Our Dynamic-Mode™

Fan control allows for more frequent scanning of the environment, resulting in smoother and more accurate fan control. Users can adjust the scanning frequency between 120 to 10 seconds, or deactivate it for regular hybrid style mode.


Feature adjusts for negative pressure when airflow becomes unbalanced through incorrect fan pairing or duct inefficiencies. The user activated system increases outtake fan speed to gain negative pressure, ensuring efficient removal of odours through the ventilation system.

Our Optimized Airflow™

Feature synchronizes intake and outtake fans for perfectly balanced airflow, day or night. It allows for precise control of temperature, humidity, and CO2, while stopping air leaks and creating a more stable environment.

Enjoy smooth and fluid fan movement with our Fluid-Motion™ technology that delivers accurate results while keeping fan noise down. It offers wide range fan speed control, ensuring fans always find the perfect speed with no sudden jumps in speed.

Finally, our Enviro-Sense™

System provides software controlled temperature monitoring that detects changes in room conditions and reacts quickly by adjusting fans to maintain temperature. The microprocessor enabled temperature control system performs routine scans of environmental conditions to control temperature by making appropriate adjustments to fan speed.

Upgrade your grow rooms with Mission Controllers and enjoy the benefits of advanced fan speed control and a fresh growing environment for your plants.

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Mission Controllers

Basic fan 6.5A Speed Controller, Logic Fan 6.5A Temperature Controller, Twin Fan 4.5A Temperature Controller, Twin Fan 7.0A Temperature Controller, Twin Fan 14A Temperature Controller, Digistep 4.0A Temperature Controller, Digistep 8.0A Temperature Controller, Digistep 16A Temperature Controller, Supersilent 4.0A Temperature Controller

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