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SMS Hybrid Controller Pro



SMS Hybrid Controller Pro

Introducing the SMS Hybrid Controller Pro – the ultimate hybrid model for your grow rooms. This versatile controller comes in three sizes: 4amps, 8amps, and 16amps, ensuring that there’s an option that fits your unique setup.

The Hybrid Controller Pro is the most popular model on the market, and it’s easy to see why. With its state of the art software based technology, combined with a 5-step mechanical system for speed control of the ventilation system, you can be confident that your plants are getting the optimal environment for growth.

To maintain a constant temperature, this controller has heavy duty transformers that ensure silent operation, without any buzzing or humming, even at the lowest speeds.  So you can rest assured that your plants are being tended to in peace.

The Hybrid Controller Pro program regulates humidity in your room, especially during the dark cycle when it’s crucial. Plants receive proper ventilation and moisture with this feature.

The Hybrid Controller Pro is easy to install and operate, vital for hydro growers with a user friendly interface.  Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just starting out, this controller will make your life easier and your plants happier.

Choose SMS Hybrid Controller Pro for optimal performance and reliability. Witness unprecedented thriving of your grow rooms.

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4amps, 8amps, 16amps


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