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Plagron Mega Worm




Plagron Mega Worm

Introducing Plagron Mega Worm, the natural soil improver that’s perfect for your hydroponics needs. The worms compost plant remains and create a product that optimally balances soil for abundant plant growth and flowering.With a high organic content, Mega Worm is loaded with trace elements, enzymes, and minerals such as Mycorrhiza and Trichoderma, which protect and feed your plants.

For best results, use 1 litre of Plagron Mega Worm per 3-5 square metres of soil in outdoor applications. For potting soil, mix 100-200 litres of Mega Worm with 1,000 litres of soil. It’s that easy! Mega Worm contains 100% worm castings from Dendrobena Veneta, guaranteeing you the finest quality product.

Mega Worm comes in three different packaging sizes to suit your needs: a 1L bag, 5L bucket, and a 25L bag. This means that you can choose the perfect size for your hydroponics garden.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your plants. Choose Mega Worm, the natural soil improver that will help your plants thrive. With its high quality ingredients and easy to follow instructions, your plants will thank you for using Mega Worm. Order yours today and see the difference it makes!


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