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Biobizz All Mix Soil




Biobizz All Mix Soil

Introducing the Biobizz All Mix Soil – the perfect solution for your hydroponic needs! This substrate mix is available in two sizes: 20 liters and 50 liters, making it easy for you to choose the right amount for your garden.

With its rich outdoor soil-like environment, Biobizz All Mix is designed to provide optimal conditions for your plants to grow. This heavily pre fertilised substrate contains natural organic elements that sustain lush plant growth for weeks without any extra fertiliser’s.

Biobizz All Mix, made with natural and organic elements, boasts a high Electrical Conductivity (EC) value, unlike synthetic fertilizers that contain mineral salts.. This self regulating system helps maintain pH levels, ensuring your plants receive the perfect environment for growth.

To achieve the best results, simply moisten the substrate with water and let it stand for 36 hours before planting. Keep the soil warm and allow it to dry out between watering to maintain optimal microbial activity. With Biobizz All Mix, you can trust that your plants will thrive in a healthy and sustainable environment.

So why wait? Order Biobizz All Mix Soil today and experience the benefits of a natural, organic substrate mix that’s perfect for your hydroponic garden. Choose from our 20 liter or 50 liter options and take the first step towards growing healthy, happy plants.

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