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Hydrotops Bactivator



Hydrotops Bactivator

Introducing Hydrotops Bactivator, the ultimate solution for boosting your crop’s growth and overall health. This 100% organic bio stimulation product is an essential foundation for your plant’s root system, ensuring that your crop remains healthy and efficient throughout its growth cycle.

With Hydrotops Bactivator, you can expect outstanding bio stimulation that promotes compact vegetative growth and abundant flower and fruit production. Moreover, the product contains a natural microbial defense system that protects your plant from fungal infections by consuming their food sources, increasing resistance to pest attack.

Hydrotops Bactivator is available in 125ml and 250ml packs and is PGR free, making it a safe, natural option for hydro or soil growing.

The product has two parts: the first is a blend of 40+ beneficial microbes and fungi in a dormant state. Our blend contains amino acids and extracts of Fulvic and Humic acid, designed to stay stable until activated.

BiOpOnic Bactivator’s microbes convert root waste into plant food, working in harmony with crop roots. This process ensures optimal levels of nutrient and oxygen assimilation at all stages of crop growth.

Liquid blend of plant hormones, enzymes, and microbes sustain roots and microbial culture in early inoculation. This biologically active organic product is perfect for use in hydro coco, and soil growing and delivers exceptional results.

In summary, Hydrotops Bactivator is a must have product for any hydro, coco, or soil grower. Organic bio stimulation, microbial defense, and safe formula ensure exceptional crop yields. Confidently nurture your plants with ease.

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