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Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop



Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop

Introducing HydroTops Top Heavy Crop – the perfect solution to help you achieve a bumper crop this season! This 100% natural organic product has been specifically designed to enhance and optimize cellular division and physiological function in your plants, resulting in increased growth rates and a more compact branch structure.

Unlike other products on the market, Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop is completely free from plant growth regulators and morphogenic chemical compounds, ensuring that you can grow your plants with complete peace of mind. In fact, Top Heavy Crop is so unique that it comes with its own set of accessories, including a spoon, a vial of microbes, and a bottle of catalyst – everything you need to give your plants the boost they need to thrive.

So, how does Top Heavy Crop work

Essentially, it stimulates protein mechanisms and carbohydrate metabolism in your plants, leading to shorter internodal lengths and more branches and flowering sites. This means that you can expect to produce a very bushy plant, with a shorter vegetative growth period and an increase in yield and crop quality.

Using Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop easy. Simply add it to your nutrient solution 7 to 10 days prior to flowering or fruiting and continue adding it on a weekly basis and with every tank change until you begin to use Triple F. Between days 10 to 20 of the flowering or fruiting period, spray your plants well until point of run off every three days with a full strength Top Heavy Crop solution made up as discussed in the directions for mixing. Finally, add Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop to your nutrient solution or growing medium every week once you have discontinued using Triple F until harvest, including the flushing period.

Hydrotops Top Heavy Crop increases fruit density and quality, improving flavor, sugar content, and aroma as part of the process. It’s important to note that this design aims to achieve these benefits actively. With a shorter vegetative growth period and an increase in yield and crop quality, there’s no better product to help you achieve a top heavy crop this season. Order now and get ready to enjoy the best harvest yet!

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