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CX Horticulture Regen A Root



CX Horticulture Regen A Root

Looking to boost your hydroponic yield? Look no further than CX Horticulture Regen A Root nutrient additive. Suitable for use in hydroponic, soil, and coco based systems, Regen A Root can help prevent inferior yields, and in extreme cases, no yields at all.

When it comes to plant development, the root system is critical. That’s why building healthy roots is key to achieving the best possible results. Regen A Root is the only root stimulator that works throughout the entire development of the plant, not just during the vegetative period. This means you won’t miss out on any opportunity for growth.

Regen A Root is designed to stimulate massive, healthy roots that just don’t stop growing. So if you’re looking to maximize your yield, this product is a must have.

To use Regen A Root, simply shake well before use and add 1ml per liter of water during both the vegetative and flowering periods. It’s that easy!

With CX Horticulture Regen A Root, you’ll be able to give your plants the best possible chance at success. So why wait? Try it today and see the difference it can make!

  • Stimulates massive root growth from start to finish
  • Extra roots do not sacrifice top growth
  • Runs clean in all systems
  • Repairs roots lost to disease




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