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Bloomroom Air Mover 12”



Bloomroom Air Mover 12”

Bloomroom Air Mover 12” fan has a oscillating louvre grill this means the fan stays in one place but with the added benefits that it blows air all around your room instead of straight ahead. With its compact and quiet running, 3 speed settings and an 120 minute timer.

The Bloomroom Air Mover, an vital tool for any serious grower. This powerful air mover is designed to improve air circulation and ensure proper Ventilation in your garden. The Bloomroom Air Mover’s compact and lightweight design facilitates easy set up and enables versatile usage.

The benefits of the Bloomroom Air Mover is its ability to prevent stagnant air from building up in your room. Stagnant air can lead to a number of problems, including the growth of harmful molds and bacteria. The fan in the Bloomroom fan helps keep air moving, ensuring that fresh air is constantly moving through your garden.

In addition to improving air movement, the Air Mover also helps to regulate temperature and humidity. By keeping the air moving, the air mover helps to move heat evenly throughout your garden. This can help to prevent hot spots and ensure that your plants are getting the ideal growing conditions they.

The Bloomroom Air Mover is also incredibly powerful. You can use it in a variety of grow room setups, such as grow tents, grow rooms.


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