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Phonic Trap Ducting



Phonic Trap Ducting

Phonic Trap ducting is an essential part of any grow room setup that requires efficient ventilation. This high quality ducting is designed to reduce noise, prevent heat buildup, and maintain optimal air flow for your plants.

Made with advanced Acoustic Technology, PhonicTrap ducting reduces noise levels by up to 50% compared to regular ducting.

This ducting has thermal insulation, preventing heat buildup and helping keep the perfect temperature for your rooms. It’s designed with a layer of insulation to reduce heat and provide a stable environment. This is especially important in grown rooms where the temperature can have a significant impact on plant growth and health.

PhonicTrap offers ducting in multiple sizes to suit any size extractors, made with durable materials for assured longevity and reliability. It’s also easy to install, with flexible and bendable properties that allow for easy placement in your grow rooms.

Overall, if you want a quiet, efficient, and healthy growing environment, Phonic Trap ducting is an excellent choice. Its advanced acoustic technology and thermal insulation create ideal conditions for plant growth. Additionally, its durability and flexibility guarantee long lasting performance, making it an excellent choice for your plants.


  • Ultra efficient, high quality product made in France
  • Non-allergenic (no glass wool)
  • Noise reduction of the air flow and fan noise
  • ¬†Ducting reduces the noise level of the air flow in your ventilation system, with its superior acoustic capabilities.

Phonic ducting will not crease when bent and keeps its shape even when bent 180 degrees. PhonicTrap ducting is a Premium quality none itchy insulating ducting. Simply the best ducting in the world for noise reduction.


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4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12"


3m, 6m, 10m


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