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Black Combi Ducting



Black Combi Ducting

Black Combi Ducting is a versatile and durable solution for your grow rooms ventilation needs. Designed to meet the high standards of hydro growers, this ducting is made from a combination of Aluminum and PVC, making it both lightweight and flexible.

The black ducting color guarantees lightproofing, stopping any light from entering or exiting the ducting system. Maintaining necessary light cycles and preventing disruption to plant growth is essential in grow room environments for optimal plant development.

The ducting is also highly resistant to tearing, puncturing, and crushing, ensuring that it will withstand the demands of grow room environments. It is also easy to install, thanks to its flexibility and smooth interior surface, which allows for efficient air flow.

This Combi Ducting is available in a range of sizes, making it suitable for a variety of setups. This ducting ensures optimal growth and a healthy crop for growing herbs, veg, or flowers by providing the necessary air flow.

Investing in high quality ducting is crucial for grow room setups. Black Combi Ducting is a reliable and cost effective option for hydro growers seeking the best.

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4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12"


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