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Gold Label Special Mix




Gold Label Special Mix

Introducing Gold Label Special Mix, the perfect solution for soil growers looking to take their crop to the next level. Special Mix, made from premium Swedish virgin white peat, is designed for superior water retention and absorption, enabling it to absorb an impressive ten grams of water per gram of mix.

At Gold Label, we take pride in the quality of our substrates, which is why we only use the finest materials in the market. Special Mix is no exception. Mixed peat, perlite, clay, lime, minerals, organic fertilizer, and trace elements for a complete, ready to use blend. With nutrients that can last up to 2-3 weeks, Special Mix is the perfect all in one solution for soil growers.

Gold Label values quality in hydroponic substrates, reflected in their product innovation and improvement history.. We’ve listened to feedback from our customers for more than twenty years and remain dedicated to constantly enhancing our products

Our Gold Label substrates are RHP and KIWA certified, guaranteeing quality, safety, and environmental sustainability.

Professional hydro growers trust Gold Label for their grow setups. Don’t take any chances with your crop ¬†choose Gold Label Special Mix and experience the difference in quality for yourself.


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