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PLANT IT Perlite




PLANT IT Perlite

Introducing Plant It Perlite – the ideal solution for healthy plant growth in hydroponic systems! This high quality perlite is available in two sizes: 10 liters and 100 liters, making it perfect for both small and large scale hydroponic setups.

Perlite is a natural volcanic rock that has been heated to extremely high temperatures, resulting in a lightweight and highly porous material. Ideal for hydroponic growers needing a substrate with good aeration and drainage, making it an excellent choice.

Thanks to its unique structure, Perlite is also an effective water retainer, ensuring that your plants stay hydrated even during periods of drought or low humidity. This is essential for promoting healthy growth and maximizing yields in your garden.

In addition to its exceptional growing properties,  Perlite is also a sustainable and eco friendly choice.

The natural volcanic rock is the source, making it a renewable and non toxic material.

This makes it an excellent alternative to synthetic substrates that can be harmful to the environment.

At our hydro shop, we are proud to offer Plant It Perlite to our customers. Whether you are an experienced hydro grower or just starting out, this substrate is sure to meet your needs. So why wait? Order your Perlite today and start seeing the benefits of healthy, sustainable plant growth in your grow room!

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