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Flexible Inline Silencers



Flexible Inline Silencers

If you’re looking to reduce the noise from your grow room air flow systems. A Flexible Inline Silencer could be the solution you need. These Silencers are designed to reduce the sound produced by your extraction fan.

One of the primary benefits of a Flexible Inline Silencer is its flexibility. Unlike rigid Silencers fixed in place, you can bend and shape these Silencers to fit your ducting layout. This makes them an excellent choice for grow rooms that have tight spaces or awkward corners.

Another advantage of these Silencers is their ease of installation.

Despite their flexibility and ease of installation, Flexible Inline Silencers are highly effective at reducing noise. They work by using a combination of sound absorbing materials and specially designed baffles to absorb and muffle sound waves. This helps to keep your rooms quiet, even when it’s running at full speed.

In addition to reducing noise, Flexible Inline Silencers can also help to improve the overall air quality in your rooms. By reducing the amount of sound produced by your Ventilation System, these Silencers can reduce stress on your plants. This, in turn, can result in plants that grow and thrive better, leading to stronger and happier plants.

Looking to reduce noise from your Air Extraction system? Consider the Flexible Inline Silencer for an effective solution.

Grow room setups benefit greatly from their easy fitting, Noise Reduction, and Air Quality improvement. These components are vital for optimal performance and overall success.


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