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Isomax Filter Kits



Isomax Filter kits

Introducing the ultimate solution for superior Air Extraction and Carbon Filtration in grow rooms – the Isomax Filter Kits. With its high quality motor, the Isomax fans run silently, while still pulling in high volumes of air. This makes it the perfect choice for those who want to maintain a noise free growing environment.

The Isomax Extraction Fan has been combined with the CarboAir Carbon Filter 50mm bed to ensure maximum efficiency in Air Extraction and Carbon Filtration. The CarboAir filter is renowned for its superior activated carbon, eliminating odours and impurities from the air effectively. It is known for its exceptional quality.

For a quick and easy connection between the Isomax Extraction Fan and CarboAir filter, we have added a Fast Clamp and Acoustic Ducting. This ensures a super fast connection between the two components, without any sound leakage.

The Isomax Filter Kit is the complete package for anyone who wants superior Air Extraction and Carbon Filtration, this kit guarantees a clean, odour free growing environment for your plants.

Whether you’re growing in a tent or a room the Isomax Filter Kits are the perfect choice for your ventilation system. It’s easy to install and use, and it’s built to last. With its high quality components and superior performance, you can trust that your plants will thrive in this environment.


  • Isomax (Air Force 2) Extraction Fans – prestige products at the pinnacle of the market
  • Integrated Silencing Technology to keep noise to a bare minimum
  • High torque, Swiss Engineered Motor Generates impressive air pressure
  • Isomax Extraction Fans come with built in hanging attachments
  • CarboAir Filters kill smells stone dead
  • CarboAir Filters maintain high performance levels for at least 18 months
  • Superior build quality on both units, built to the highest level
  • All CarboAir filters come with pre fitted filter sleeves
  • CarboAir Filters come with hanging points making them quick and simple to hang
  • 5m x Acoustic ducting
  • Both Isomax (Air Force 2) Extraction Fans and CarboAir filters combine beautifully, turning your hobby grow into a pro grow

Which Size Kit Do I Need for My Grow Tent?

To work out which size Extraction you need for your space, find out the volume in m3 (meters cubed) of your grow space with Width x Length x Height = Volume. Then, using that figure do, Volume x 60 = Air Movement Per Hour.

If you are using a filter (which you are), Air Movement Per Hour x 1.2 = the amount of air your fan will need to move – use the figures below to match up your space to an Isomax (Air Force 2) Fan kit!

6″ (150mm) 410 m3/hr (Isomax Fan) with 150mm – 500mm CarboAir Filter,With Speed Controller
8″ (200mm) 870 m3/hr (Isomax Fan) with 200mm – 600mm CarboAir Filter,With Speed Controller
10″ (250mm) 1480 m3/hr (Low speed Isomax Fan) with 250mm – 600mm CarboAir Filter
10″ (250mm) 2310 m3/hr (High speed Isomax Fan) with 250mm – 600mm CarboAir Filter
12″ (315mm) 2380 m3/hr (Low speed Isomax Fan) with 315mm – 600mm CarboAir Filter
12″ (315mm) 3260 m3/hr (High speed Isomax Fan) with 315mm – 600mm CarboAir Filter

How the Isomax Extraction Kit Works

The Isomax Extraction fans, designed from scratch, effectively lower noise levels. The outer casing, with a thick layer of insulating foam lining, functions as a silencer, offering excellent sound protection.

Isomax  fans feature Swiss-engineered, energy efficient motors, reducing power consumption and lowering energy bills, making them incredibly economical. These fans are highly reliable. Once installed failures are rare making them practically maintenance free. A thermal switch stops over heating, allowing you to maintain peace of mind. The Isomax (Air Force 2) 6 inch and 8 inch fans are variable wattage giving you the ability to control your air speed.

The Isomax Extraction Fan removes hot, stale air and excess moisture from your grow room. It draws fresh air, controls the environment, and replaces CO2 to ensure optimal conditions. The CarboAir Filters are ideal matches for fans with greater airflow ratings like the Isomax and can control strong odours in your grow room with ease.

The CarboAir Filter, designed to offer an extra level of protection and deliver complete peace of mind to the grower, proves ideal for both medium and large sized grow spaces. To manage strong, odours from growing plants, filter the air before sending it outside to avoid odour release.

Your CarboAir Carbon Filter attaches to your Isomax  Extractor Fan – air gets sucked through the 55.5% outer layer of mesh and through an internal layer of carbon before passing through your Extraction system. It then leaves clean and free of any odours, keeping bad smells locked firmly inside the grow space. Acoustic Ducting is provided in the kit. .


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410m3, 870m3, 1430m3, 2310m3, 2380m3, 3260m3


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