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Ecotechnics Evolution Co2 Analyser



Ecotechnics Evolution Co2 Analyser

Introducing the Ecotechnics Evolution CO2 Analyser, the ultimate tool for fast and accurate CO2 monitoring in indoor grow rooms. Utilizing non dispersive infra red sensing technology, this analyser provides precise readings, ensuring optimal plant growth and health.

Designed with both functionality and style in mind, the Evolution CO2 Analyser boasts an exquisite design at a low price. This highly accurate product costs less than half of similar items, making it affordable for average growers.

The Evolution CO2 Analyser works only with the Evolution CO2 Controller. Avoid using it with other CO2 Controllers.

The Evolution CO2 Controller is unmatched, surpassing all market competitors with its advanced features and functionality. It is the most superior product of its kind. The Evolution Carbon Dioxide Sensor is optional. The system interfaces with an external Thermostat, Hygrostat, offering a cost effective setup. It also allows an economical upgrade option later.

Carbon Dioxide, crucial for indoor grow rooms, plays a vital role in plant growth. It is among the most important factors. Photosynthesis combines CO2 with water to create sugars and releases a spare oxygen atom into the air.

Ecotechnics Evolution CO2 Analyser and Controller optimize plant growth and health, providing growers with the ultimate control system. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your indoor growing to the next level.

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