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Co2 Full Emitter Kit



Co2 Full Emitter Kit

Introducing the Co2 Full Emitter Kit – the perfect solution for those looking to enhance CO2 levels in your grow rooms. This kit uses advanced microprocessor technology, offering 16 room size settings to optimize CO2 levels for plant growth.

The best part about this kit is that there is no need to adjust the flow rate of the gas regulator as it comes factory pre-set to match the controller. This makes the set up and use extremely simple and hassle free.

Unis CO2 Controller is UK’s first commercial CO2 Controller with easy set-up design for effortless use. This controller offers affordable, hassle free CO2 enhancement for growers with reliability and ease of setup.

The Ecotechnics Unis Co2 Full Emitter Kit suits home grow room and is easy to set up. Calculate growing area volume in cubic meters and input into Unis Controller for proper operation. It’s that simple – no more complex calculations about gas flow rate, pressure, or on/off period timing, just one setting.

The Unis CO2 Controller’s latest version, which is microprocessor based, provides 16 settings from 1 Cubic Meter to 100 Cubic Meters. In use, the Unis Controller is incredibly simple and will provide years of trouble free service.


The Co2 Full Emitter Kit is a smart choice for any grower looking to optimize their plant growth. With its user friendly design and advanced technology, this kit offers unparalleled ease of use and reliability. Order your Co2 Full Emitter today and experience the benefits of enhanced CO2 levels in your grow rooms.

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