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90 Degree Elbow



90 Degree Elbow

A 90 degree elbow for air extraction is an vital component for any grow room setup. This elbow helps create an efficient ventilation system for temperature and humidity regulation in your grow space. It is designed for this purpose.

The 90 degree elbow, made from durable materials like metal, can endure the challenges of growing and maintain longevity. Air ducting systems use elbows to make turns, allowing air to flow more freely around corners or into different areas.

The angled design of the elbow reduces Turbulence and noise in your ventilation system, improving the flow of your grow room’s ventilation system. It is a critical part for making sure your plants receive the proper air exchange they need to thrive.

Choose one that fits the size of your ducting, and enjoy the benefits of a well designed grow room setup. When using Flexible Ducting on bends it can cause huge restriction on the air flow. So when using metal bends the air can pass more freely.

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4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12"


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