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Evolution Co2 Kit Complete



Evolution Co2 Kit Complete

Introducing the Evolution Co2 Kit Complete, the ultimate solution for maintaining the perfect CO2 levels in your grow rooms. This advanced controller is designed to constantly monitor and adjust CO2 levels to create the optimal environment for your plants.

Equipped with the latest microprocessor and infra red technology, the Evolution Co2 Kit Complete is compatible with the Evolution Digital Fan Speed Controller for seamless integration. The solid state NDIR CO2 sensor allows you to use bottled CO2 gas, propane, or natural gas burning CO2 generators for your hydro setup, giving you maximum flexibility.

But that’s not all. The Evolution Co2 Kit also interfaces with most external thermostat/hygrostats, enabling even greater environmental control with ease. This means that you can fine tune your growing conditions with ease, ensuring that your plants receive the ideal amount of CO2 for optimal growth.

And with its user friendly design, the Co2 Kit is easy to install and operate. Compact, sleek hydroponic device with advanced features for optimal plant care; a valuable addition to any setup.

For your grow rooms, the Co2 Kit  is the ultimate CO2 controller. With its advanced technology and easy to use interface, it’s the perfect choice for any serious grower.

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