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Canna D-Block



Canna D-Block

CANNA D-Block is an organic product based on anionic detergents. It cleans and prevents blockages in drip and spraying systems during growing. It also prevents the build up of precipitant.

Use Canna D-Block pre with every hydro system its non toxic. Keeps pipes and drippers wet internally between feeds to maintain effectiveness.

To prepare for the next crop, we recommend a flush of the system with clean water and D-Block. The D-Block should have a pH of 5.2 to safe guard the system and avoid obstructions in future growing.

Canna D-block keeps irrigation pipes clean and blockage free. It acts as a protection product when used alongside your main nutrient products in the same tank. Clean and clear pipes ensure nutrient flow, stopping blockages caused by inorganic salts in drip systems. This enables your plants to receive vital feed without any problems. Additionally, It has a cleaning function during growing. It is fully biologically degradable, does not harm plants, and individuals can include it in their regular feeding routine. It is enviro friendly, effective in growing, safe to plants, and easily mixed into regular feeding routines. The product is based on anionic detergents.”

Prevents blockages by inorganic salts in drip systems, has a cleaning effect during growing and is biodegradable. The product does not harm plants and you can give it with every feed application. This products mode of action is based on anionic detergents.


  • 10 ml for 100 litres of water
  • In case of contact with the skin or eyes rinse
  • Keep in a cool, dark and frost free place
  • Keep out of the reach of children

Think about the environment! Do not empty large amounts of the product into the ground water, surface water or sewage 


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