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Canna Mono Nitrogen



Canna Mono Nitrogen

Introducing Canna Mono Nitrogen, the ultimate solution to promote the robust growth of your hydro plants. This exceptional product serves as a catalyst in protein production and energy Metabolism, which are vital for overall plant development. Canna Mono Nitrogen helps address Nitrogen Deficiency and promotes growth by acting as a feed builder. It ensures optimal plant development for maximum potential achievement. Additionally, it serves as a key link to bring on juice production.

Directions of Use:

Canna Mono Nitrogen, a mineral feed with a impressive 27% N content, is your go-to solution. Its contents 6% Ammonium, 11% Amid Nitrogen, and 10% Nitrate. Furthermore, it contains 2.5% MgO and 6.5% CaO, giving your plants with vital nutrients.

Nitrogen is crucial for protein synthesis, energy Metabolism, and Chlorophyll production. It also significantly affects DNA and other Metabolites, making an impact . Moreover, it gives strength the plant’s resistance, keeping optimal health.

Canna Mono Nitrogen’s liquid form ensures quick up take in stimulating veg growth. It can be mixed with most products, except those containing sulphate.


This Nitrogen rich bottle serves as a potent remedy in case of Nitrogen Deficiency, particularly during the veg growth phase. Furthermore, it acts as a powerful growth stim, helping your plants throughout their life.


For optimal results, dilute 10-20 ml of concentrate per 10 litres of water. Remember to exercise caution when working the dosage out as to much can be fatal to your plants’ well being.


A well thought out plant food has all vital elements in precise amounts. Therefore, it is important to proceed with caution while working out the dosage. Overdosing can have adverse effects on your plants, so it’s crucial to follow the dose rate carefully.

Invest in Canna Mono Nitrogen today and consequently witness a remarkable turn around in your grow rooms. Unlock the true potential of your plants with this premium product, developed to deliver exceptional results.

Symptoms Of A Deficiency

Stalks will turn purple and leaves will yellow and finally fall off.

Development Of A Deficiency

  • Quickly followed by larger leaves in the middle and top parts of the plant.
  • The plant is a lighter colour as a whole.
  • Larger leaves in the lower part of the plant turn light green. The leaf stalks of the smaller leaves now also turn purple. Typical vertical purple stripes appear in the stem.
  • Leaves in the lower part of the plant turn more yellow and then become white. Finally, the leaves whither and fall off.
  • Visibly slow growth results in shorter plants, thinner stems, reduced leaf forming, and smaller leaves.
  • Further Yellowing and Whitening occurs in the top and middle parts of the plant.
  • Leaves on growing points remain green longer but they are a lot less green than at normal Nitrogen levels.
  • Forced flowering starts and there is BIG leaf loss.
  • Substantial reduction in yield.


Reasons For A Deficiency

Incorrect feeding or not enough feed elements can cause problems. Substrates that contain a lot of fresh organic material can cause Nitrogen Deficiency because micro organisms bind the Nitrogen. A significant amount of Nitrogen can bind, especially during the initial weeks; however, it is generally too late when released.

Solutions For A Deficiency

  • Raise the EC of the feeding and rinse the media well with it.
  • You can add Nitrogen to the feeding solution by using blood meal, semi liquid manure, or a ‘ Canna mono’ product.
  • Spray the bottom of the leaves with a Nitrogen solution. The best time to do this is at the end of the day, right before turning off the lights. Be careful not to cause burning.



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