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Canna Mono Magnesium



Canna Mono Magnesium

Introducing Canna Mono Magnesium, the vital solution for optimal photosynthesis and plant development. This remarkable mineral feed is rich in Magnesium, a vital element in chlorophyll that affects pigments and physiological processes. This vital nutrient is packed in it. With Magnesium, you can provide your plants with the necessary boost they need to thrive.

One of the features of Canna Magnesium is its rapid absorption by plants, ensuring quick and visible effects. Whether you’re tackling a Magnesium Deficiency or seeking to enhance growth and bloom, this mineral feed delivers exceptional results.

Canna Mono Magnesium contains 7% MgO and 14% SO3, providing a balanced formula that enhances photosynthesis. Effectively optimizes the photosynthesis process’s design. By using this feed into your hydro system, you’ll witness a noticeable impact on pigments and various physiological functions.

The liquid form of Canna Mono Magnesium, composed of concentrated liquid Epsom salt, allows for immediate absorption by your plants. However, please note that when using liquid Epsom salts, avoid mixing them with fertilisers that contain calcium.

Application is simple and versatile. Mono Magnesium can be used as a magnesium feed for deficiency correction or as nutrient to promote growth and bloom. Whether added to your nutrient solution or sprayed on foliage, dilute 1ml per liter for optimal results.


We recommend diluting 10-20 ml of concentrate in 10 litres of water. Remember, a well balanced fertiliser is crucial for your plants’ overall health. Exercise caution when dosing Magnesium; excess can cause calcium deficiency, harming your plants.

Give your hydro garden the advantage it deserves with Canna Mono Magnesium. With its powerful formulation and immediate absorption, you can expect impressive results. Additionally, ensure the right balance of essential elements and unlock the full potential of your plants. Shop Canna Magnesium today and witness the transformative effects on your hydro journey.

Symptoms Of A Deficiency

During a shortage, the leaf green in medium to old leaves beneath the flower top breaks up. The plant transports magnesium to its young parts. This breakdown is visible as rusty brown spots and/or vague, cloudy, yellow spots between the veins. A slight shortage of Magnesium hardly affects flower, although the development of the flowers makes the deficiency symptoms worse.

Development Of A Deficiency

  • Signs of a deficiency first appear around the 4th-6th week. Small, rusty brown spots and/or cloudy yellow flecks appear in the middle aged leaves (under the top of the plant). The young leaves and the fruit development remain unaffected by changes in color.
  • The size and number of rust brown spots on the leaves increase.
  • The symptoms spread out over the whole plant, which looks ill. When the shortage reaches a critical level, it will impact the younger leaves and cause a decrease in flower production.

Reasons For A Deficiency

Uptake inhibition can cause Magnesium Deficiency to occur due to:

  • A very wet, cold and/or acidic root environment.
  • A high amount of Potassium, Ammonia, and/or Calcium, such as Calcium Carbonate in drinking water, compared to the Magnesium.
  • A limited root system and heavy plant demands.
  • A high EC in the growing medium, which hinders evaporation.


Solutions To Resolve A Deficiency

  • When you diagnose a shortage, the best course is to spray it with a 2% solution of Epsom salts.
  • Fertilisation via the roots → Inorganic: Epsom salts on hydro or Kieserite (Magnesium Sulphate Monohydrate). Organic: compost turkey or cow manure.


Rectify the possible causes: in soil, when the pH is too low (less than 5), use Magnesium containing calcium feed. On hydro, apply a nutrient solution with a higher pH (6.5). When the EC is too high, rinse and/or feed with drinking water only. When growing indoors, keep the root temperature between 20 – 25 degrees Celsius.


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