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ARTS BIO GRANULES – the natural solution to your grow rooms pest problems. Made from neem tree seeds, this product is eco friendly and effective at breaking the life cycle of harmful nematodes.

One of the biggest benefits of using  BIO GRANULES in grow rooms is its ability to suppress springtails and root lice. These pests can wreak havoc on your plants, causing damage to the roots and stunting growth. By using this natural product, you can eliminate the eggs and larvae of these pests, stopping them from maturing and causing further damage.

To get the best results from ARTS BIO GRANULES it is important to use it with other pest control measures. While this product can kill the eggs and larvae of harmful insects, it may not be enough to rid your water system of all pests. By using A.R.T.S. BIO-GRANULES with other pest control methods, such as sticky traps, you can ensure that your plants stay healthy and pest free.

One of the great things about ARTS BIO GRANULES is that it is a natural solution. Unlike other pesticides, this product is enviro friendly and safe for use around people and pets. Plus, it won’t leave behind any harmful residues that could affect the taste or quality of your harvest.

So, if you’re looking for a natural and effective way to control pests in your grow rooms, give ARTS BIO GRANULES a try. With its ability to break the life cycle of harmful nematodes and suppress springtails and root lice, this product is a must have for any grow room.

Directions of use:

As a preventive: Add 2 teaspoons of ARTS BIO GRANULES to your potting mixture before planting. In the case of stationary plants, sprinkle on the soil and work in if possible. Repeat after 4 weeks.

As a curative: Sprinkle 1 tablespoon over your pots and then drain them in the water.

If properly closed, this product can be kept for years.



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