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Sunmaster Metal Halide Lamps



Sunmaster Metal Halide Lamps

The Sunmaster Metal Halide Lamps are high quality, energy efficient lighting solutions for indoor growing. These lamps come in five different wattages, including 150w, 250w, 400w, 600w, and 1000w HPS, making them perfect for a wide range of indoor growing applications.

Designed with a superior spectral output, these lamps offer a balanced spectrum of light that mimics natural sunlight. This promotes healthy plant growth and high yields. The high output also ensures that your plants receive ample light energy, which is vital for photosynthesis.

The Sunmaster Metal Halide Lamps are made with high quality materials and are built to last. They feature a durable construction that can withstand the rigors of indoor growing, making sure you get the most out of your investment.

One of the key benefits of these lamps is their energy efficiency. They consume less energy, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint compared to traditional lighting solutions. This energy efficient alternative can lower your bills and have a positive impact. Additionally, they emit less heat, which means that you can use them in small spaces without worrying about over heating.


The Metal Halide Lamps are a reliable and efficient lighting solution for indoor growing. With balanced light, energy efficiency, and durability, these lights are a smart choice for maximizing yields and growing healthy plants.

Maximum BlueLlight for strong Vegetative growth
Balanced orange, red light for stem elongation and flowering
Imitates daylight
Long life and high output


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150w, 250w, 400w, 600w, 1000w


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