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Osram Son T Plus Lamp




Osram Son T Plus Lamp

Osram Son T Plus Lamp Flowering lamp is a high intensity discharge bulb that is specifically for flower. During the bloom phase, the plant is more reactive to red light which simulates the sun later in the year.

The plant therefore puts all energies into heavy flowering and fruiting before “winter” arrives. There is no blue light in the output from the Osram SON-T lamp which means you can’t really use it for veg growth.

Osram SON-T lamps have a great lumen to wattage ratio making them an efficient choice for growers.

Each lamp has a standard E40 fitting and is suitable for use with any reflector we sell at runcorn hydroponics.

They are also compatible with both magnetic and digital ballasts alike, further adding to their flexibility. Osram is a famous name globally, not just in lighting but in all kinds of light control. Their products are top quality and are in use in a multitude of industries.

With Osram, you know you’re getting the best! As with any lamp though, the lumen output will decrease as it ages.

Without a light meter, it is hard to actually see this degradation and so many growers replace lamps regularly, just in case.

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400w, 600w, 1000w


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