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Rhino Hobby Carbon filters




Rhino Hobby Carbon filters

Introducing the Rhino Hobby Carbon Filters – the perfect solution for hydro growers who are looking to keep their grow room odour free and fresh. The Rhino Hobby Carbon Filter is essential for any grow room setup due to its superior odour control and durable design, making it a must have product.

The Rhino Carbon Filter, with its 30mm carbon bed, absorbs strong odorus, keeping a fresh and clean scent in your grow room. The filter’s swappable base and duct coupler enable even carbon wear and optimal performance over its lifespan.

Installation is easy, and the Rhino Carbon Filter is suitable for use in grow rooms of all sizes. This filter endures hydro growing and offers lasting odour control with high air flows.

When it comes to keeping your grow room clean and odour free, the Rhino Hobby Filter is a great investment. It ensures a fresh environment for your plants. Its superior odour control and durability make it a must have for any serious grower.

Features of Rhino Hobby Filters:

• Fully reversible neck – extends life
• Australian mined RC412 carbon: the purest on carbon on
the market
• 30mm carbon bed: Rhino quality for the hobby grower
• 9-12 month lifespan

link to Rhino site for more info


Additional information


4", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12"


300mm, 600mm, 1000mm, 1200mm


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