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CarboAir 60 Filters




CarboAir 60 Filters

CarboAir 60 Filters offer supreme quality with excellent air flow and are compact and light weight. The 60mm CarboAir Filters are for the expert grower, ideal for medium to large grow tents and spaces. The 60mm bed filters are compact and light weight. CarboAir uses incredibly high quality carbon which gives you optimal contact time to irradiate smells whilst also keeping unbeatable airflow.

One of the most important part of your grow room set up is airflow. So when choosing the right extractor to fit the right filter always remember to match your extraction speed to your filter flow rate. if the speed of the extractor exceeds the filter flow rate your most likely to suffer problems with odour. Maintaining a solid environment is the best route to successful growing.

CarboAir Filters have been designed to be fitted to the intake side of an Extractor Fan in other words  In other words air must be sucked through the filter and never blown out through the filter. Blowing air through the filter will make them ineffective and may even damage them internally. The CarboAir filter comes with a dust filter around the outside of the filter this should be removed and washed every 3 months in order to maintain good airflow. Moisture degrades the performance of carbon filters. High humidity makes them ineffective at eliminating smells and reduces the expected life span by a significant amount.


  • Kills grow room smells stone dead without stifling your fans power
  • Hand built to an incredibly high standard – by Systemair
  • Pairs perfectly with Revolution fans
  • Machine washable pre filter sleeve included and pre fitted
  • Maintain high performance levels at the rated airflows for at least 18 months
  • CarboAir have set a new standard in  Air Filtration

Try to keep humidity at a reasonable level (between 40% and 60%) and both your carbon filter and your plants will benefit.



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6", 8", 10", 12"


660mm, 1000mm, 1200mm


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