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CarboAir 100 Filters




CarboAir 100 Filters

Discover the CarboAir 100 Filters, the industry’s solution for larger grow room environments. These filters, come with the biggest carbon bed available, carefully developed. They effectively eliminate bad odours even at high levels.

The CarboAir boasts a massive 100mm bed of Activated Granular Carbon and a specially designed steel mesh, ensuring excellent airflow. Its design sets it apart as the most efficient filter in the industry. It completely kills odours in large grow rooms.

Built for big environments, the CarboAir 100 is a game changer. Whether used as a scrubber or for triple filtering air, it guarantees peace of mind by eliminating unwanted odours. When it comes to odour control in grow rooms, nothing compares to the CarboAir 100 Filters. Designed for larger grow room environments, these filters stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Additionally, boasting a 100mm bed of virgin Activated Granular Carbon, the CarboAir 100 achieves unparalleled efficiency in removing bad smells. The custom built steel mesh helps with airflow, allowing for optimal performance.

With the CarboAir 100, you can tackle even the most demanding situations. Whether you need a scrubber to combat odours or triple carbon for utmost air purity, these filters deliver remarkable results. Say goodbye to bad smells and embrace a fresh, clean atmosphere.

In addition

To their exceptional performance, CarboAir 100 Filters are built to last. Crafted with durability in mind, these filters withstand the rigors of continuous use in professional grow rooms. Invest in a filter that guarantees long lasting effectiveness and peace of mind.

Upgrade your grow room setup with the CarboAir Filters; experience the difference they make in keeping the perfect environment.  Enjoy the confidence that comes with using the industry’s finest filter and unlock the full potential of your grow room.


  • Kills grow room smells stone dead without stifling your fans power
  • Hand built to an incredibly high standard by Systemair
  • Pairs perfectly with Revolution fans
  • Machine washable Pre-Filter sleeve
  • Additionally, maintain high performance levels at the rated Airflows for at least 18 months.
  • CarboAir have set a new standard in  Air Filtration

To maintain your carbon filter and plants, keep humidity between 40% and 60%. It promotes their well being and maintain their performance.

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8", 10", 12"


660mm, 1000mm


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