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PowerPlant AeroWing Reflector



PowerPlant AeroWing Reflector

Introducing the PowerPlant Aerowing Reflector, the perfect solution for indoor growers facing heat related challenges. This dual inline air cooled reflector boasts exceptional quality, making it an vital tool for any grow room.

The PowerPlant Aerowing Reflector, which you can connect into your inline ducting. The reflector comes with a 6″ spigot at each end, which makes easy connection to your extraction system. Once connected, the ventilation system will remove the heat from both your grow room and lamp, maintain optimal temperatures.

The Aerowing Reflector’s fitted glass sheet allows placing the unit extremely close to your plant canopy, stopping any heat dispersion towards the plants. This ensures that heat does not subject your plants to bad growing conditions.

The Aerowing Reflector also offers the possibility of linking Reflectors together with ducting. This feature greatly benefits larger grow rooms, allowing the extraction of air through multiple reflectors with just one main fan.

What’s more, the Aerowing Reflector comes complete with hanging hooks and the glass panel and frame.

In summary, the PowerPlant Aerowing Reflector is a reliable option for indoor growers. The Reflectors can connect inline to your ducting and link multiple units. With their ability to maintain low temperatures, they are a valuable investment for any grow room. So, if you’re looking to improve the conditions of your indoor garden, the Aerowing¬†Reflector is the way to go.


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