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Parabolic Reflectors




Parabolic Reflectors

Introducing our Parabolic Reflectors, optimizing plant growth with 2 shade types: Shiny and White, in 80cm and 1m sizes. Embrace greater light spread and coverage, thanks to its vertical lamp holder and a 5m IEC lead.

Our reflectors support lamps ranging from 600W to 1000W, ensuring ideal light conditions for your plants. Simple self assembly makes installation a breeze. Plus, enjoy peace of mind with a generous 2-year warranty.

Maximize yields with our Parabolic Reflectors—ideal for any grow room setup. The Shiny shade option enhances reflection efficiency, while the White variant offers a softer, diffused light effect.

With its cutting edge design, the shades evenly disperses light, reducing hotspots and helping uniform plant growth. Enjoy a significant increase in yield and healthy, plants throughout the growth cycle.

The vertical lamp holder ensures optimal light penetration, reaching even the lower foliage. Pair it with your choice of high quality 600W to 1000W lamps for remarkable results.

Setting up the shade is a breeze, thanks to its user friendly self assembly feature.  Our Parabolic Reflectors also come with a 5m IEC lead, providing flexibility in positioning the system within your grow room space.

Rest easy with a 2-year warranty, securing your investment and demonstrating our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Upgrade your grow room setup with our Parabolic Reflectors today! Achieve impressive yields.

Choose the size and shade that suits your needs and witness the difference in your crops. Embrace efficient passive lighting, thanks to our innovative design, ensuring your plants receive maximum light for exceptional growth.

Elevate your growing experience with our top tier Parabolic Reflectors. Join satisfied customers and unlock the true potential of your grow room. Order now and revolutionize your growing journey!


Greater light spread, coverage
5m IEC lead
Vertical lamp holder
Suitable lamps 600w and 1000w
Self Assembly
2 year Warranty

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Shiny Mini, Shiny large, White Mini, White Large


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