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LUMii AeroTube Reflectors



LUMii AeroTube Reflectors

Introducing LUMii AeroTube Reflectors, the perfect solution for keeping optimal temperatures in your grow room. With these Reflectors, you can safely position your lights closer to plants, avoiding burning or damaging leaves. They enhance lighting efficiency.

Using reflectors, ducting, and fans ensures steady airflow, controlling temperature, creating an ideal environment for plant growth in your setup.

The LUMii AeroTube Reflectors boast a simple and effective design; thus, making them a perfect addition to your grow rooms. These reflectors, built for the rigors of indoor growing, feature a durable thick glass.

Setting up the AeroTube is a breeze; furthermore, they offer easy access to the lamp thanks to their removable parts.

Available in three sizes (125mm, 150mm, and 200mm), the LUMii AeroTube Reflectors offer flexibility to fit your specific setup needs. Each shade comes with a removable lamp holder, a two part reflector, and a generous 4m cable.

Those seeking even more can mount multiple shades in series with the 125mm, 150mm, or 200mm Flexible Aluminium Ducting.

To ensure you choose the right size for your needs, here are the Recommended Wattages for each size:

  • 125mm: Suitable for up to 400w
  • 150mm: Ideal for up to 600w
  • 200mm: Perfect for up to 1000w

Invest in LUMii Reflectors and experience temperature control and light efficiency in your grow rooms. Create the perfect environment for your plants and achieve impressive yields with this high quality product.

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