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PLANT IT Round Dirt Pots




PLANT IT Round Dirt Pots

Introducing the PLANT!T Round Dirt Pots, the perfect solution for all your hydroponic needs! These pots come in a variety of sizes – 11ltr, 17ltr, 26ltr, 37ltr, and 56ltr – making them suitable for different types of plants and setups.

One of the key benefits of using these Dirt Pots is that they effectively manage plant temperatures. During summer, plants tend to heat up and wilt, while in winter, they can get too cold and die. But with the PLANT!T Dirt Pot, you can keep your plants cooler in summer and warmer in winter, ensuring their healthy growth and development.

Another advantage of these pots is that they prevent root circling. When roots grow in circles, they can become compacted and stunt the plant’s growth. But with the PLANT!T Dirt Pot, there is no such risk. The breathable fabric allows the roots to grow naturally, ensuring better growth and yield.

The PLANT!T Dirt Pot also boasts superior drainage and aeration. The breathable fabric allows water to drain out quickly, preventing waterlogging, which can lead to root rot. Additionally, the fabric allows air to circulate, ensuring that the roots receive ample oxygen.

But that’s not all

The PLANT!T Dirt Pot also air prunes your plants’ roots. When roots grow too long, they can become entangled and form a tight ball, which can harm the plant. But with these pots, the roots are air pruned, meaning they stop growing once they reach the edge of the pot. This leads to a more extensive root system and a healthier, more robust plant.

In conclusion, if you want to ensure healthy growth and development for your plants, the PLANT!T Round Dirt Pots are the way to go. With their excellent temperature management, root circling prevention, superior drainage and aeration, and air pruning capabilities, these pots are a must-have for any hydroponic setup. So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on these pots today and watch your plants thrive!

The PLANT!T Dirt Pot benefits:

  • Manages plant temperatures keeping plants cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • No root circling – so better growth
  • Breathable fabric means superior drainage and aeration
  • Air prunes your plants’ roots

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11ltr, 17ltr, 26ltr, 37ltr, 56ltr


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