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PLANT IT Square Dirt Pot




PLANT IT Square Dirt Pot

Introducing the PLANT IT Round and Square Dirt Pots, perfect for all your hydroponic needs! The unique micro porous fabric used in these pots has been specifically designed to prevent root circling, promoting healthy plant growth. As your plants grow, their roots will try to penetrate through the fabric, allowing them to prune and redirect their growth towards secondary roots.

This process ensures that your plants remain healthy and strong, and are able to absorb nutrients more efficiently. However, it is crucial to keep the media moist at all times, as a dry media can cause the fabric to come away and create spaces where water can escape. To ensure proper irrigation, we recommend using a PLANT!T Watering Ring or drippers to keep your plants happy and hydrated.

The PLANT IT Square Dirt Pot come in a range of sizes, from 11 liters to 56 liters, making them perfect for all types of plants and crops. Plus, with reinforced seams and strength-tested fabric, these pots can support even the heaviest of crops without tearing.

For top notch hydroponic needs, trust PLANT IT Dirt Pots. High quality, durable, and effective solution awaits. Try them out today and watch your plants flourish like never before!

The PLANT!T Dirt Pot benefits:

  • Manages plant temperatures keeping plants cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • No root circling – so better growth
  • Breathable fabric means superior drainage and aeration
  •  Includes tabs on each corner to allow for the use of support canes
  • Air prunes your plants’ roots


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