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Introducing Philips Lamps: Revolutionize Your grow room Setups with Unparalleled Efficiency and Versatility!

Choose from 7 sizes, including the 400W 230V and 600W 230V, specifically designed for magnetic ballast compatibility. Experience outstanding performance and energy savings with the 750W and 1000W DE lamps, the epitome of HPS lamp innovation.

Embrace the future of cultivation with our top of the line Philips CMH lamps, available in 315W red and 315W blue variants. Achieve exceptional growth and yield across a wide range of plants.

  1. Philips 400W 230V Lamp: Experience reliable illumination and superior growth results, tailored for use with magnetic ballasts.
  2. Philips 600W 230V Lamp: Maximize your harvest potential with this high output lamp, designed to optimize performance with magnetic ballasts.
  3. Philips 750W DE Lamp: Unleash the true power of your grow room with the highest efficiency HPS lamp available. Experience massive yields.
  4. Philips 1000W DE Lamp: Harness the full potential of your indoor garden with this cutting edge lamp, offering unparalleled performance and energy savings.
  5. Philips CMH 315W Red Lamp: Illuminate your plants with the perfect spectrum for the flower stage, promoting healthy blooms and robust bud development.
  6. Philips CMH 315W Blue Lamp: Optimize veg growth with this lamp, designed to provide the ideal light spectrum for healthy leaf development.

Experience the Philips advantage:

  • Unmatched efficiency, ensuring optimal growth while minimizing energy consumption.
  • Reliable performance, backed by Philips’ reputation for quality.
  • Versatility, with lamp options tailored to specific growth stages.
  • Easy Installation, allowing you to quickly integrate these lamps into your existing setup.

Join satisfied customers who have had remarkable results with Philips lamps. Elevate your indoor growing game and unlock the full potential of your grow room today!

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Philips Lamps

Philips Green Power 400W 230V, Philips Green Power 600W 230V, Philips Green Power 600W 400V, Philips Green Power 750W 400V DE, Philips Green Power 1000W 400V DE, Philips Mastercolour CDM-TP 315W Lamp 930 Red, Philips Mastercolour CDM-TP 315W Lamp 942 Blue


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