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Parlux CFL’s




Parlux CFL’s

Introducing Parlux CFL’s, the perfect lighting solution for your growing needs. These energy efficient bulbs are available in two vibrant colors: blue and red. The blue light, which is designed specifically for the veg stage of plant development, is excellent at promoting foliage, while the red light excels in promoting flowers.

With Parlux CFL’s, you have the flexibility to choose from three different wattages: 125W, 250W, and 300W. This variety allows you to customize the lighting intensity based on the specific requirements of your plants.

Parlux CFL’s deliver impressive performance while consuming less power, making them an eco friendly choice. The blue bulbs emit a cool, stimulating light that encourages healthy leafy growth, promoting robust and lush vegetation. On the other hand, the red bulbs emit a warm,  light that aids in the production of beautiful, vibrant flowers.

Our CFL’s are crafted with advanced technology, ensuring long lasting durability and reliability. They are easy to install, simply screw them into any standard light socket, and you’re ready to go. The compact size of these bulbs makes them perfect for use in small to medium sized grow spaces.

We design Parlux CFL’s with the utmost care to ensure your plants’ well being. We carefully calibrate the emitted light spectrum to provide the optimal wavelengths necessary for photosynthesis and healthy growth. Your plants will receive the right amount of light they need at each stage of development, leading to stronger, healthier, and more productive crops.


Parlux CFL’s means investing in the success of your grow room. These bulbs offer exceptional value for money with their long lifespan, energy efficiency, and outstanding performance. They are also compatible with a wide range of hydro systems, making them a perfect choice for any setup.

Please note that for the veg stage, we recommend using the blue bulbs, whereas the red bulbs are best for the flowering stage. Remember to switch the bulbs accordingly to maximize the growth potential of your plants.

Don’t compromise on the quality of your indoor grow room setups. Choose Parlux CFL’s for reliable, efficient, and effective lighting solutions. Your plants will thrive under the nurturing glow of these high performance bulbs. Experience the difference today!


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125w, 250w, 300w


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