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Ozone Generators




Ozone Generators

Ozone Generators help with Dealing with unwanted odours that can be a challenge for any indoor horticulturists. Carbon air filters do a great job of scrubbing and filtering bad smells away. But for true peace of mind we have the AirOzone Ozone Generator.

The AirOzone Ozone Generators fits directly into your ducting. It effectively destroy odours with ease, making sure you’re always leaving behind pure, fresh, smell-free air.  The Ozone Generator adds a further layer of security to all outbound airflow.

Ozone is a form of oxygen called O3. Oxygen makes up about 21% of the air that we breathe with nitrogen accounting for the other 79%, along with other gases. With almost all of the oxygen in the air being O2. Oxygen likes to form strongly attracted, bonded pairs and once formed these bonds are very strong and long lasting. Ozone is the same O2 molecule but with a extra oxygen atom. This extra atom is highly unstable, breaking off readily from the bonded O2 and binding with any passing molecules, particularly organic ones. Once bonded this extra oxygen molecule “oxidises” the captured molecule, destroying it in the process.

Ozone Generators are designed to be used in 150mm to 315mm ducting and although the AirOzone Ozone Generators are superb at eliminating odours, it should always be used in combination with a quality carbon filter  to ensure complete odour control and elimination.


Firstly secure the ozone generator to either end of your ducting before turning on. Connect the AirOzone Ozone Generator straight after the fan and allow a few meters of ducting after it. This gives the ozone plenty of chance to mix with the air and to clean it as it goes down the ducting before coming out of the end.

The AirOzone Ozone Generator should be switched on whenever the duct fan is on. The ozone can be wired to the same electrical feed as the duct fan, providing a fan speed controller is not being used. If a fan speed controller is being used, then the AirOzone Ozone Generator should not be connected to the same supply as it will not work. In this case, the AirOzone Ozone Generator will need its own mains electrical supply.


  • Uses coronal discharge to produce powerful ozone (O3) to destroy the strongest of odours
  • Adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind when odours are at their most pungent
  • Made by Global Air Supplies, especially for grow room environments
  • Use in conjunction with carbon filters for peace of mind against the most pungent grow room smells
  • Fits multiple ducting sizes, ranging from 150mm to 315mm
  • Runs on minimal amounts of power
  • Easily wired up to the same plug as your duct fan, so both run in tandem
  • Designed and made in the EU to the highest possible standard
  • Comes with a 12-month warranty

AirOzone instructions

Warning: Do not inhale the air from directly from the ozone generator as this will be rich in ozone and therefore could be a hazard to health. Keep Children and animals well away from any part of ozone.

Please note:

Never use the ozone generator on phonic trap ducting as the ozone will damage it. Only use metallic ducting such as Flexiduct, Acoustic Ducting or Combi Ducting in the appropriate size.

AirOzone Ozone generators will come without a plug fitted, ideally, you should wire the ozone to the duct fan.

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