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Evoponic Bud Explosion



 Bud Explosion

Evoponic Bud Explosion Initiates flowering when day length changes to stimulate flowering. Increases flower numbers, shortens internodes and reduces vertical stretch during early flowering.

Explosive Budding and Flowering

Bud Explosion taps in to the flowering potential of your plants. Using Evoponic Bud Explosion in the first two weeks of flowering will stimulate your garden to progress to the flowering phase faster and help create extra budding site, enabling higher yields and potentially shorter flowering periods.

  • Speedy flowering phase
  • Increased yield
  • Bigger budding sites
  • Strong foundation for the flowering cycle

How to use Bud Explosion

Use during the first TWO weeks of flowering but only for seven days max.

Mix 0.4gram per litre of water (40g/100L)/ nutrient solution.

Make sure that it’s mixed well and fully dissolved.

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40g, 300g


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