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Autopot Marix Discs



Autopot Marix Discs

Introducing the Autopot Marix Discs, an essential component for your hydroponic setup. These discs are designed to fit perfectly with square 8.5 L and 15 L pots, such as those used in easy 2 grow, 1Pot, and Auto8 modules.

Before adding your substrate or plants, place one Marix Disc at the bottom of each pot. This will help prevent the substrate from escaping downwards through the holes in the pot base, keeping your module tray clean and your AQUAvalves fully functional.

These discs are incredibly easy to use, and their benefits are undeniable. With the Marix Discs, you can rest easy knowing that your plants are receiving the nutrients they need to thrive.

Discs compatible with various pots offer versatility for hydro gardeners seeking flexibility in planting

Designers ensured high quality, durable discs with consistent performance and long life.

When it comes to hydro, every detail matters. That’s why the Autopot Marix Discs are such an excellent investment for your setup. Their solution for hydro gardening prevents substrate from escaping pot holes with simplicity and effectiveness.

For a dependable hydro garden solution, choose Autopot Marix Discs; reliable and efficient with no room for error. Discs. Optimize your hydro setup with these quality, and user friendly discs – an excellent choice for growers.


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