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Autopot AirDome Kit



Autopot AirDome Kit

Transform your hydroponic setup with the revolutionary Autopot AirDome Kit. This innovative device is specially designed to increase oxygen content in the pot, promoting healthier root growth and greater nutrient uptake. With the AirDome, you can take your plant yields to the next level!

Thanks to its impressive performance, the AirDome is quickly becoming a must-have tool for serious hydroponic gardeners. Our trials with Luffa plants showed an astonishing yield increase of 130%, while other fruiting plants can see up to a 30% boost in yields. Imagine the possibilities for your own garden!

One of the best things about the Autopot AirDome Kit is how easy it is to use. In less than 30 seconds, you can have the AirDome assembled and ready to go. Simply place the dome at the bottom of the pot, cover it with compost, and connect it to an air pump.

To get the most out of your AirDome, we recommend using a “fluffy” mix of 50% good quality compost and 50% perlite. Avoid peat-based compost, as it can compress and reduce the effectiveness of the AirDome.

For larger systems, it’s important to use larger pumps that allow you to connect 16mm pipe (standard hosepipe). Maximize efficiency: mirror water supply, use 6mm pipes, and AutoPot fittings at each AirDome connection. Remember, it’s crucial to only use warm air and never blow cold air into the root zone.

Don’t let a lack of oxygen hold your plants back any longer. Upgrade your hydro setup with the Autopot AirDome Kit and watch your plants thrive!


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