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Autopot AQUAvalve Cover



Autopot AQUAvalve Cover

Introducing the Autopot AQUAvalve Cover – the perfect solution for protecting and securing your AQUAvalve in an open garden tray. Made from heavy duty composite material, this cover is designed to ensure that your valve is protected from damage and held securely in place.

With a simple placement over the top of the AQUAvalve, this cover has no impact on the valve’s movement. This means that you can continue to enjoy the full benefits of the AQUAvalve without any compromise.

For optimal performance, it is important that your garden tray and the AQUAvalve are on a level surface. This is where the integrated spirit level on the AQUAvalve Cover comes in handy. You can easily and quickly check that your AQUAvalve is always in the right position to function as intended.

The Autopot Cover is a must have accessory for any hydroponic enthusiast using the AQUA valve in an open garden tray setup. It not only protects and secures your valve, but also ensures that it operates at its best. So, invest in the Autopot AQUAvalve Cover today and take your hydroponic gardening to the next level!


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